Existen multitud de itinerarios y compañías de cruceros que se adaptarán a tus exigencias, y si necesitas ayuda, no tienes nada más que pedirlo, nuestros asesores de cruceros  te ayudarán y responderán a todas tus dudas de forma totalmente personalizada.

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Youth Staff

  • Change bed linens on either “changing day” or as needed. Ensures all linen is fresh clean and in good condition.
  •  Remake beds and replace furniture to original locale.· Inspects (for damaged or soiled), removes, and/or replaces all printed items asneeded; room service booklet, signage, laundry bags with order form, breakfast doormenus, permanent collateral, tent cards, etc.
  • Dusts the entire room, or as needed, including the dusting or polishing of electricalunits and loose furniture.
  • Vacuums the entire room or as needed.
  • Cleans mirrors, chrome, glass, windows, window ledges, and other shinning surfaces.
  • Collects all stray dishware and removes them if not needed.
  • Restocks, resets, or removes any amenities as needed. Pays special attention torefilling the coffee and mini-bar setup.
  • Collects all trash and removes it from the room. Clean and sanitizes the trash bins.
  • Folds or stows any guest luggage, shoes, clothing, or possessions.
  • Spot checks walls for marks.
  • Spot checks carpet.
  • Ensures the room smells properly. Uses air freshener daily or an atomizer toeliminate “odors”.
  • Ice buckets: Refills at correct times throughout the day.
  • Proper turndown service nightly. Ensuring bed is turned down, towels and bathroomis refreshed, glasses replaced, empty plates removed, the next day’s Freestyle Daily(other daily collateral and promotions are inserted) is placed at the foot of the bed,etc.
  • When not in use, extra equipment must be correctly stored; pillows, bedspreads,luggage pads, life jackets.
  • Sanitizes phones.
  • Responsible for maintaining and the control of mini bar inventory in accordance with NCL standard operating procedures.


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