Existen multitud de itinerarios y compañías de cruceros que se adaptarán a tus exigencias, y si necesitas ayuda, no tienes nada más que pedirlo, nuestros asesores de cruceros  te ayudarán y responderán a todas tus dudas de forma totalmente personalizada.

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Sport Staff

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    •  Carries out the following assignments:

    – Shampoos and vacuums carpets and furniture as needed.

    – Washes windows, walls and ceilings as needed.

    – Empties litter bins and ash urns constantly and keeps areas clean at all times.

    – Services restrooms and maintains cleanliness and orderliness.

    – Polishes brass, handrails and fixtures as needed.

    – Dusts assigned work areas daily.

    – Cleans glass doors daily.

    – Offers all possible assistance to guests.

    – Maintains all cleaning equipment in good working order.

    – Keeps chemical and cleaning lockers clean and orderly.

    – Reports any loss or damage of linen, furniture, fixtures or equipment.

    • Provides guest requests in the absence of the room steward/ess. This includes make

    up and turn down service.

    • Responsible for the collection and deliveries of guest luggage to/from respective


    • Provides full service cleaning of cabins to Officers and Key Personnel assigned to

    their section, to include but not be limited to:

    – Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized daily

    – Bedrooms dusted, vacuumed, tidied daily

    – Bed linens on changing day or as needed

    – Balcony washed down daily (if applicable)

    – Hallway walls cleaned, polished and vacuumed daily

  • Follows the company food and beverage standards.
  •  Ensures that the bar or lounge has always clean and sanitized glassware, utensils

and other equipment needed.

  •  Ensures that the assigned bar pantries and other work areas are maintained cleaned

and organized.

  • Helps to set up special events and functions as instructed by management on the


  •  Follow the Corporate Sanitation Policy
  •  Ensures the galley and all equipment, cook and dinnerware are properly cleaned and


  •  Ensures that the restaurants are properly cleaned during and at the end of each meal

period, according to schedules and up to the public health standards of the company.

  •  Deep cleaning & ongoing cleaning maintenance of all provision areas & provisioning

equipment to USPH / FDA / SEMS standards & requirements.

  •  Assist with the loading, storing, preparation & issuance of food requisitions.
  •  Set up / breakdown of provisioning equipment for receiving, loading & issuance
  •  Secures lockers and signs-in and out on time sheets.
  •  Assumes other work related duties as directed by the Supervisor.
  •  Maintains the standards recommended by USPH, SEMS and NCLA Hotel Operations.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

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